Fans of Spongebob Squarepants may be imagining this, but we'd like to think an air violin is way more fun! Please check out the video below to see our app in action.

HUE Lights


It was our first time using this, but PHILIPS' Personal Wireless Lightning technology, hue, was quite the addition to the Pebblin' system. We know how difficult it can be to learn a instrument, let alone one that was just invented, so we've included play-along tutorials which light up bulbs indicating which note you should play next. You get to become familiar with the appropriate techniques to play simple notes and songs with the Pebblin' system, and you'll get to see a pretty cool light show!

Pebble Watches


Play an air violin with just your Pebble, an Android phone, and some creative inspiration! No musical experience required. Seriously though, no musical experience required - none of us know how to play a violin. Through a combination of buttons on the mobile app, as well as varying speeds, orientations, and motions of the Pebble watch as you wear it, we let you play notes of an entire octave. And if that's not enough for your liking, feel free to choose from our list of instrumental sounds - strings, orchestra, percussion, and more.

Sendgrid Email


Record your compositions to share with your friends, or just preserve your spontaneous moments of genius. Thanks to SendGrid for making it easy to send out the record of what you've played today.